Gramma's House

by Preciouis Miya
(Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa)

I need to get as many opinions as possible about something that happened two years ago at my grandmother's house...

I have stayed there for most of my life and rarely lived with my parents. One summer, while house-sitting there while my grandmother was in Italy, I decided to have my friend Beth spend a few weeks there with me.

I have always had horrible nightmares while staying in the house, and my grandmother often screams in her sleep. Beth and I are both very sensitive to unusual occurrences, she sees hazy or ripply outlines of things, and I just tend to know if something is there( don't ask me how, because I don't know, all I have to say is that it freaks my mother out that I can start and finish her sentences for her.)

Anyway, I had always had dreams about someone screaming and throwing things in the library, which can be seen from my bedroom door. I was always frightened, but I had dealt with it for about 18 years, and I was pretty used to it. Beth, however, wasn't. Around three in the morning, Beth screamed and jumped into bed with me. Somehow, I knew she had seen something or was being affected in the same way. I had never told her about my dreams, but when she told me that she had had a horrible nightmare about someone screaming and throwing books around in the library, it was far too familiar.

We walked through the house hand in hand, and there were places in the house where it felt like we were walking though pools of warm water or oil. Whenever we passed them, it felt like someone had slid a stick of margarine down our spines. Beth started seeing "ripples" all over the house. I had never really believed her, until we were sitting on the bed, and I watched her eyes follow something that wasn't there across the floor and them stop. She screamed her head off and started shaking. She told me she had seen a kitten walk across the floor, sit down, and disappear. This sounded really strange to me until I found out that my father had had a kitten that matched its description when he was a child, and that it always sat on that spot on the floor. I hadn't thought about the kitten ( Who had died in the basement by drinking turpentine ) since I was about 10 years old. Beth had no way of knowing about it.

So after I realized that, it seemed like it was possible that whatever else she saw could be real as well.

She saw things in the same places I seemed to sense them, so who knows.

Finally we took a cross down off the wall ---another long story--- and held it between us. We let it lead us through the house and found on old photo album and a portrait of my grandfather. We looked through the photo album to try and find some sort of info, but found nothing.

Whatever it was seemed to feed off of fear or strong emotion, like anything we felt charged it up like a battery. We thought that the whole thing could be some sort of " place memory" but we weren't sure.

Anyway, when we asked my father if he knew anything about it, after laughing at us for a good five minutes, he told me that before my grandfather had died, he completely lost his mind to senility. He would get lost in the house, most often in the library, and scream and cry and throw things because he didn't know where he was.

Since we found the portrait, Beth and I are almost sure that it's just a really strong place memory, but we can't be sure. Any input would be helpful, as we've been trying to figure this thing out for three years now.

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