Good Bye (another)

by Kyler Cook
(Wamego, Kansas, United States)

good bye

good bye

It was another cold November night and an old woman's husband got called in because of a horrible car accident and they needed assistance. Without even kissing her goodbye he was out the door and it was just another night of her watching the ten o'clock news by herself.

The news went straight to a report saying that a man had escaped from prison about forty five minutes before the crash and was probably the reason for the wreck. The woman was kind of worried because she lived out in the middle of nowhere in a two story white raggedy house, which was only twenty miles north of the county prison.

Immediately she went to the door and locked it and went on her way watching the rest of the news, waiting for her husband to come home safely. About ten minutes passed when she realized the dogs outside were going crazy, but she just thought that the cats were harassing them like usual. So again she went on her way watching the news when all of a sudden she heard a scratching sound at the screen window. She immediately put the tv on mute and went to the kitchen and turned on the light to check on the window. Everything was fine and she realized she was overreacting.

She got a glass of cold water and finished watching the rest of the news when she realized she had forgotten to turn the kitchen light off. As she walked to the kitchen she realized the door was no longer locked. She wasted no time locking the door and before she had time to think she heard a loud crash in the basement. She quickly ran upstairs to call 911 to inform them that the man who had escaped was in her house.

She could barely breathe and couldn't feel her legs. She wobbled as fast as she could to the top of the stairs and entered the first room on her left, turned off the light and shut the door. When she got to the phone and called 911 she realized someone was listening in on the other phone from downstairs. She didn't even have time to tell 911 where her house was before she hung up on the 911 operator. She quickly hid under the bed and prayed that the man would not know which room she was in.

As she was laying underneath the bed she heard loud breathing coming up the stairs and him whispering under his breath saying "good bye". She saw his feet from underneath the crack of the door and she started to breathe heavily hoping that he would not search underneath the bed. He opened the door and just started whispering good bye. He checked the closets and realized she wasn't in the room so he started to walk out when he saw a piece of clothing from the old woman's night gown sticking out.

He bent down as he was breating even louder and pulled the woman out from under the bed and started saying "goodbye" louder and louder in the old woman's ear. She looked in his eyes and noticed he didn't have any pupils and could only see the whites of his eyes. She was screaming and hoping that something would save her. She was waiting for a miracle, but nothing happened. The man put his hands on her neck and squeezed his hands together slowly and tighter as each breath he took. The old woman had a tear run down her face as she knew in her heart that she was leaving.

The next morning the police found her dead in her bed and her murderer standing over her breathing and whispering good bye with his head bent over and adoring what he had done. The murderer is still alive today in Wamego, Kansas and in jail and hopefully not going to escape ever again.

People know of the happening and don't go anywhere near the old house. Who knows though? Maybe he will escape again.

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