Glad to be alive

by Bobby, age 11
(Baltimore, Maryland)

B-24J Liberator

B-24J Liberator

Every time we visit grandpa Albert I make sure I go into his library and look at all the airplane models. Grandpa started making models a long time ago cause he was in the Korean war and missed his friends and the planes.

He tells me stories of when he was on a bomber, I don't know what kind, and they saw dog fights all around them. I don't know why dogs were fighting but somehow they were shooting at his plane too.

Grandpa was a gunner in the back of the bomber and one day he saw an enemy plane, a fast, small one, coming after them. He says he was sweating and could hardly hold his gun. The plane was coming and coming and grandpa couldn't see anyone else in the air. He knew the plane would start shooting soon. The plane was still too far away so grandpa felt helpless. There was no point wasting the bullets.

Soon the plane dipped lower and grandpa knew what the bad guy was going to do. He was going to come up from almost underneath the bomber. Grandpa started firing anyway. He couldn't do anything else. He called the captain and told him what was going on but the captain couldn't make the bomber run away from the fast enemy plane.

Grandpa tried pointing the gun but it wouldn't aim that far down. He got more and more scared but stayed where he was. He wasn't supposed to leave that spot anyway.

Suddenly some bullets flew by him just behind where he sat. He thought he was a gonner for sure. The next thing he saw was a big flash and a loud bang. Metal parts from the plane hit against the glass where he was and almost broke through. Then he saw his buddy, code named The Raven fly by in a friendly fighter plane, from bottom left to top right. Just as he did that The Raven made the plane wobble like a see-saw, waving to grandpa.

I don't know why he said it but grandpa said he kissed the ground that day. That would taste bad I think, but he was sure happy to be alive.

Grandpa tells me that story everytime we have dinner at his house. And now I've told you.

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