Giant Snake at Camp Fun

by Tim

The eyes have it

The eyes have it

Every year my parents say its the greatest camp on earth, and that they have been there a thousand times. Camp Fun, it's so fun. There are no bugs or snakes. My dad says that he's been there at least 20 times. Adding a time every summer. So this year I decide to try out this "Fun" camp that they say is so great.

"Hurry down sweety. You'll be late." "Coming mom." Hi, my name is Sue, and I'm 12 years old. I'm also very adventurous. I live in Antelope Valley, California. One of the states with the most snakes. Though I'm not afraid of snakes at all. Until this summer.

"Sweety the bus is waiting for you outside." "Okay mom, I'm going." I gave mom a kiss. "Oh by the way mom, where's dad?. "He left for work early." "K, C'ya mom."

When I stepped on the bus there were kids from out of town and some who were out of state, but came here just for the camp. So I went to the back of the bus since I knew no one. Then a girl in the seat ahead of me, about my age, turned around and asked if I wanted to sit next to her. I accepted. "So where are you from?" I asked. "I'm from Agoura Hills."

About an hour later the bus had arrived at the camp. I hadn't really done anymore talking with anyone until later. When the children started to pour off of the bus the camp councilors looked worried. And there was this fat lady running (or trying to) around frantically for some odd reason.

I asked one of the councilors, "What's wrong?" They just said, "Nothing, Nothing's wrong at all." Interesting? NO, Strange? Yes. Then the councilors grabbed our bags and put 5 people in each cabin. They were pretty big cabins. Then something stranger happened. The councilors wouldn't let us go outside of our cabins.

12 o'clock Midnight... Since I was very adventurous my adventurous spirit got me into trouble sometimes. So I looked through my backpack the frightened or worried councilors brought in, and grabbed the flash-light my mom packed me. I slowly opened the door and crept into the woods. I had wandered not even a mile into the woods when I heard a hiss noise. Now all night I had been hearing noises, but nothing like this one. Then again the same sound, this time from right behind me. I slowly turned around, and there it was with big red beaming eyes, staring at me.

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