Get out of your car!

by Yessica

One day, and elderly woman named Minnie walks out of a local supermarket. Her hands are occupied by half a dozen bags filled with items. She looks around to see if she remembered where her car was.

"Oh no" she mutters, finally finding the location of her car. About 20 feet away from her was her car, only there are about four gangsters listening to a song in it. They hadn't seemed to notice her.

She puts down her bags and looks in her purse for her gun. She approaches the car after finding it, and holds it out, ready to let loose. "Get out of my car!"

The boys in her vehicle start laughing, thinking the whole thing is a joke.

"I said get out!" Minnie hollors, and in seconds all of the gangsters get out.

"GO!" she yells at them, still aiming, "Or I'll call the cops!" After that one threat, they ran away. She heard one of them call her a crazy old lady. Minnie doesn't care though, she has her car back.

She brings her bags into the car and closes the door. Only, when she sees that the keys aren't working she looks around inside.

"Oh no!" Minnie yells, getting out. "This isn't my car!"

And it isn't. And sure enough, when Minnie looks across the other side, there is her car.

Minnie sort of shrugs it off and take her bags to her own car. She drives off, hoping the gangsters will come back to get their car and not cause trouble.

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