Get Out Of Here !!!

by Teresa Maria B

Once apon a time, there was a man. His name was David he was driving home one night it was raining & Windy all of a sudden his car stopped "Aw shocks my gas is gone."

David could see a house in the distance it was a small house so Daivd decided to sleep there for the night. He walked up and opened the door it was pitch black so he went around looking for a cable. He found one outside he pluged it in "It will have to do."

He saw pictures & Diarys all around the house of a lady & a boy he stelled down on a coauch until he heard "Get up! Get out! You don't want me to do the same thing to you as I did to my mother?" David jumped he went to leave but the door was shut so he had no other choice he walked up the stairs quietly and he looked in a room there was a little boy in there playing a small piano.

David ran kicked the boy down the stairs & killed him before he could get back up now the house is still there in New York country-side & David his wife & there 4 children live there.

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