by Lele
(South Africa)

There was a girl named Taylor and she had friends that cared about her so one day they had an argument over who was the prettiest, but Taylor stayed out of the argument and thought for a moment. She said to her friends "You know what? The thing I don't get is you guys are arguing over who is the prettiest. Have you ever stopped for a moment and have look at yourself in the mirror and said to yourself you know what I love the way God made me".

As soon as Taylor was finished talking one of Taylor's friends said "You know what? Taylor is right." "Wait" Said a another girl. "so what you are saying is I said all those mean stuff for nothing plus it was from the bottom of my heart.
Wow I really need to practice more words to say to other people when I am angry!

They all started to giggle and they treasured every moment they had together ever since then until High school and they lived happily ever after.

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