Friday the 13th

by Sydnie Heaps

It was a horrible morning, wet windy and almost dark. I looked at the calender and realised why. it was Friday 13th, not a great day for me, its the anniversary of my best friends death....

a year ago, my best friend niamh and i went to walk our dogs scruffle and porky, we went a different way than usual and came to a field, we hadnt seen it before. not thinking much of it we carefully climbed the rickety stile and started walking through the field. curious to see what was on the otherside we started to run, we came to a forrest area but both agreed best not to go in there. so we turn and run back. but as im walking i can hear voices in the wind, ghostly voices reapeating the same name over and over "niamh".

we suddenly panicked and sprinted to the stile but as we were niamh tripped and porky's lead was let go and he ran into the forrest. as a reaction we both ran into the forrest only the faint noise of barking from the distance. when we could hear it no more we stopped. i could still hear the voice chanting her name. we heard a faint whimper form porky and ran in its direction only to find him hanging from the highest branch of the tree still alive. we began to climb it, just to see if we could get him down but there was no hope. niamh started to scream. i looked up only to see nothing but when i looked down again i saw her lying on the floor in a heap of blood, but it wasnt hers it was the strange black feathered creature size of a large cat lying beside her.

i climbed down the tree to find that niamh had gone and only the creature remained... i had never told this story to anyone before so please accept it for what it is and thats fact.

i found niamh a week later tramatised. she returned home, but only for a little while. she told me her nightmares were excrutiating and that it had to end, i wasnt sure what she meant untill i recieved a phone call the next day saying that she had hung herself. then i knew what she meant. i still blame myself to this day and i miss her more and more every minute but now all i have is the memories good and bad but still of her and me the way we were and what we did.

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