by Yanitza & Yaritza

A young boy name john, age 15 was working on his father's farm near the corn field. He was working on the farm for quite a while. It was getting dark and late so he decided to turn in. He was preparing to put his tools away when he spotted a dark human like figure race into the tool shed with lighting speed.

At first he was a little puzzled by it but decided it might have been one of the animals that had gotten lose. He open the door and saw the figure sitting down in the corner of the room. He couldn?t really make out what was it since the shed light was off and the dirty window didn?t let any moon light in. He quickly turned the light switch on and saw nothing but emptiness. 'ha, I guess it was just my imagination,' he said a bit skeptical.

Suddenly when he was about to make his exit, the door swung shut! The light bulb bust into piece leaving the room pitch black. He's heart popped out of his chest and started to beat rapidly. He jerked his head around and saw the dark human like figure running around him. He could hear the footsteps everywhere and that?s when he started to panic. The footsteps stopped and the figure was no longer in sight. Afraid to look around, he stood there paralyzed with fear. He could see white with a black circle in the middle. He felt warm air on his face as an image started to become clear. In just a brief second, he realized that the figure was staring right at him.

The figure's face which is now cleared to be a man seemed deranged. His face was slightly peeled and his lips were dry, chapped and thin. He had very few hair that stuck out everywhere like strings. His smile looked insane which showed his crooked yellowish teeth. His little beady eyes exposed that he was indeed mentally disturb. The boy then felt a sharp pain in his stomach and the room became dizzy. He looked at his stomach and saw a knife deep within his guts. Blood rush out and the man laugh in a raspy voice.

The next day the parents found the crazy man sitting in the corner while their son laid dead on the floor in a paddle of blood. They then realizes the man sitting in the corner was their eldest son (Fred) who had schizophrenia. They send him away at the age of 10 to a mental institution in fear that he would hurt their new baby boy John.

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