by Lauren x

I was so scared, more scared than I had ever been in my life, I was crouched under the cuboard stairs. It was dark, darker than seemed possible and I was listening but for what, I wasn't sure.

The slow scraping of feet, dragging, arriving at the front door, any minute now. 'screeeeech' nails, sharp, pointed - like knives dragging accross the walls outside. That unforgivable howl again, the sharp scream of branches dragging across the window pane, clawing their way in, the unforgiving stare of the ghostly moon, haunting. Flashing images of all those faces, bodies - pale, lifeless, dead, hung carelessly, boldly indigninantly from a rope. Drip, drip, drip, their blood, running in all directions forming gruesome puddles on the 'too clean' white, tiled floor. The images taunting her, pricking the back of her eyes, guilty fear spilling over staining again her fear stained cheeks.

She curled tightly into a ball and began to rock slowly, 1. 2. 3. Soft breath like whispers almost, the faint sound of denial "no, no, please no!" she couldn't help them, it wasn't her fault, it couldn't be! She wasn't to know that this man, which she had wrongly entrusted with her life was a monster. An evil, cold blooded inhuman monster. For he could not possibly contain, one ounce of love or compassion in his cruel heart, his face literally set in stone, a permeanant frown, his cold lifeless eyes, that had seemed so penetrating - now only, shew the staining imprint that could never be rid of - murder. She was so stupid to have trusted him, ad now they were dead! All dead, her friends and family! She had let him take all of them! Anger was bubbling, rising, filling her with rage, lifting her up with confidence ?


And it was gone, fear in it's place, "no, please no!" now there was only darkness to hide her, silence was her only weapon, her life hanging by a single thread - delicate but beautiful inthe most horriffic way. She was already too close to death or her cormfort, her back was bleeding having been harvested of all skin, preserved with salt, yet she didn't notice the pain. Drip, drip, drip. The distant screams of those still alive. She had no choice but to run, it was her only lifeline. She threw open the cuboard door, facing the mess around her but oblivious to it, running as fast as
she could to the back door. The door to her freedom, her life, hope! But the door wouldt open! Blood pounding in her ears, her heart in her throat ? she had broken out in a cold swear, but oblivious she clawed, scratched, ripped for her escape, and she was there! She had broken the door open! Her hands, torn, shredded, bleeding, bit it did not matter for you would not notice, her face smeared with dirt and blood, her eye swollen and bruised, her lip split and her gums torn from the teeth he had carelessly ripped out.

Her dark hair matted and hanging freely down her raw back, attaching itself to the blood and muscles laying beneath, she was skinny - too skinny, for she had eaten no food in 10 nights, when she had been happy, at her school prom! Her once white dress now torn and shredded, stained red with the blood and tears of not only her but her best friends and her SISTER!

Taking a deep breath I turned and ran, I ran and ran as fast as I possibly could, running for life, freedom, looking back one last time and that ghastly towering house, broken twigs and thorns embedding themselves within the soles of my feet, bringing foward the unforgiving memories ? the face of my torturer, my friends murderer and my sisters stolen life, taken forever.

As I ran I knew - that his face would forever taunt my subconcious mind.

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