For Connor G.: Sara's Piano

by Taylor

Sara loved her piano. She was said to be obsessed with it. All she knew was muic. All she wanted was to play, all she could do was dance her fingers over the keys and make beautiful melodies. Thats all she was, all she could be.

She sat for hours on end, twinkling and twinking the keys up and down, entwining high notes with low, hauntingly beautiful. But Sara was born in different times. Women wore corsets and knew their place. The kitchen and the cradle. She was arranged to be married to a handsome young man named David. But she lived, breathed, loved the piano.

"Dear, we've been married for a week and we have yet to play the sport of love." He said touching her arm softly. Sara pretended not to hear her husband and continued to twang on the keys.

Sara never cared for David much. In fact, she hated him. He took her last name and her virginity, both with her unwilling. But oddly, Sara didn't mind as much as when he forced her away from her piano at night to come to bed to "play the sport of love."

"Sara, you know I don't like you playing that dreadful thing. All night and all day, I really grow weary of it. Come, Lets got to the bedroom, love." "Oh, honey, please not now. I'm playing right now." "Ah. Your playing. Your always playing. Well, I won't disturb you."

He stormed off in a childish hissy fit. Sara stayed focused and distant while playing. A tornado could whirl behind her and she wouldn't notice. Staring at the notes and the black and white keys contrasting in beautiful harmony.

Sara didn't hear the footsteps thud heavily and quickly behind her. She didn't realize what David was doing until he was on top of her, breathing heavily.

It happened fast, but she was relieved once it was over. She rythmically fixed her hair and dress, quickly and frightened like a small bird.

"If your not willing and I have to force my love unto you, then i shall take that wretched thing and burn it! Consider it gone by tomorrow." David said softly, putting his pants back on.

She sat down and began to play. No one knows what went through Sara's head at that time, but something snapped. She just played and played. Happy songs, sad songs, song with out a reason. She just swayed back and forth, playing and tapping the footpedals.

That night, after hours of trying to sleep, finally David, laying in bed, heard the piano stop abruptly, the bench screech back. He heard the soft foot steps pad up the stair and quietly into the room.

"It's all clear to me now, David. I understand." Said Sara almost sadly. "What? Come to bed, darling. Your making no sense, your tired. Don't worry, you won't be staying up all night playing your piano any more." David taunted.

"Don't worry, David. I know now. You only hurt me because you love me as I love my piano, yet i don't return your love. It must hurt. Well I will relieve you of that vice."

"What are you talking about? Wha-" David opened his eyes and saw sara standing solemnly over him, an axe hanging heavily from her delicate hand.

"What on earth are you doing?"

"Shhh. It's okay, I will free you. Don't worry. You don't mean it. You don't mean to hurt."

"What in the he-"

She raised it above her head and slammed it down as hard as she could. hacking off limbs and blood squirting on her night gown. He screamed, pitiful, helpless. She screeched until his body was mangled and he was unrecognizable. Pieces of skin hung off the bone, secretions oozing from every gash, every open wound. She dropped the axe and smiled.

"Thank god I saved him. Thank god I did before it got worse." She kissed his bloody mess of a head and licked the brain matter from the corner of her mouth. She walked slowly down the stairs, a dazed smile glazed over her face. She sat down, routinely brushing her dress underneath her as she sat down, and began to play. A new song, one she had been working on for a while.

Staining the keys red, and swaying as she played, thats how they found her the next morning, dried blood caked to her hair. She laughed maniacly and said "Don't wake him. I put him to rest. He needed my help and I put his soul at peace. He isn't to be bothered. He was a very sick person. I saved us all. Someone could have gotten hurt." She smiled and turned. And started the song over.

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