Fog lights and dark frights

by Hannah Lea H
(Bridgeton, NJ)

It's no surprise a girl fresh out of her second year of college would want to move out from her parents basement. The surprise would be that this particular girl is terrified of the dark. Night terrors ruled her entire childhood always scarring her with blurry images hiding in the darkness awaiting to capture her and scare her to death.

Those things however aren't real, they are just dreams. Her mother had always told her reality can be scary but she would never let harm come to her daughter.

17 years later, with the night terrors gone and normal or no dreams to replace them this 23 year old english major was ready to be on her own. Her parents came into good money being hard working americans and they happened to have a summer home on the country side, so the girl set out for her new start as a writer in a warm farm home just outside of montana.

While settling in a polite, handsome young man introduced himself as her new neighbor. He cautiously warned her that around these parts, night time can become quite lonely and that if she ever felt scared or lonely she was more than welcome to come by,

She seemed reluctant to trust this handsome man because she remembered him while growing up and spending summers in this home. When his parents had passed he had gotten their house and she had guessed this is where he stayed all these years.

The first night is always the worst and as soon as she had gotten settled into bed her old fear of the dark had returned. She heard strange noises, saw the shadows from her night terrors she had long and forgotten. So, she had slipped on her shoes and robe and headed out across the field to visit her old friend.

The girl spotted an extremely bright fog light just outside of his old parents barn and soon saw him working on something most likely for the horse stables. The girl waved and shouted "hello there! I guess the first night I wouldn't mind some company, this house can get pretty scary." Her old friend looked up from his work, waved, and started to jog towards her.

She smiled, felt at ease and started to jog towards him as well. Curiously in the last few seconds before they caught up to each other she noticed he was running oddly faster then her. Before she could continue her train of thought, he reached her and stabbed a giant hook straight through her lower left shoulder.

Filled with shock and fear her last memory before going completely unconscious was her mother always telling her before bedtime every night, "these shadows, these horrors they do not exist they are only nightmares. Reality can be scary but I will never let any harm come to you." and of her old friend who she used to spend late summer nights with chanting "stupid, you stupid crazy girl."

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