Flower Park

by Areitha

Park that I died in

Park that I died in

I was getting ready to close my window when my mum called me so I did not really close my window well. Anyway I went down to my mum and she asked me to take my dog for a walk but it was the middle of winter and it was getting dark so she asked me to be quick. I put on my dog's lead and started to walk down the road. An old women walked past and boys with hoods over there heads as well so I started to run to the flower park, my dog half dragging me along.

Finally I got to the flower park and it was almost dark when I saw my dog bursting for a wee. I let her off and she ran to her favorite spot, so I sat down on the bench and daydreamed for a second or two.

I called my dog back but she did not come so I called her again and again but no dog came running back. I started to move towards her favorite spot and saw her blood coming out of her tummy. I tried to drag her home but she was two heavy. I called my mum but I was out of credit. I got so worried I called for help. I heard a deep voice answer "what!" I said my dog's dead and I am out of credit. The voice replied "I am here to kill you!"

I ran, leaving my dead dog behind and that thing ran closer and closer. I tripped. It held its hand high and said die and stabbed the knife right into by heart. I layed there dead next to my dog.

The thing ran off and an old lady walked into the park and saw me. She muttered and took my phone and called my mum and told her what happened.

Two months later...

My name and my dog's name was carved on my dog's favorite tree next to her favorite spot and it is said that every winter around 6 o'clock you can see me and my dog roam the park looking for revenge!

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