Floor Six ...

by Daisy N.
(Lincoln, England )

The ballerina awaits

The ballerina awaits

Ryan had just moved into his new work, and so far he loved it, but there was one simple factor he didn't like. He wasn't allowed on the sixth floor of the office block, nobody was, but it made him really curious.

One day, when every one had left, he decided to get in the lift and go up there. When the lift jolted to a halt and opened, he stepped out. He felt a buzz of excitement since he was braking the rules. As he looked around he realized it wasn't exiting at all. Floor six was just a long corridor with a door at the end.

He walked down the the long cold corridor and stopped at the door. It was a big wooden door with a brass door knob and key hole. He tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge so he peeked through the key hole. He was amazed by what he saw, a beautiful dainty ballerina spinning on her tip toes in a completely empty room, but then he noticed her eyes, they were bright red. The ballerina's eyes scared him so he ran back to the lift and went down stairs and then home.

When he came back the next day he told all his work mates what he had seen. They all planned to go up there that night. So after work they got the lift up to floor six, walked down the corridor and looked through the key hole. This time all anyone could see was a thick red mist, so they went back down in the lift.

On their way out, the cleaner caught them and asked where they had been. They admitted to going up to the sixth floor. The cleaner asked if they had seen the ballerina with red eyes, but only Ryan had the day before. They proceeded to tell the cleaner about the red mist, but he said it wasn't red mist at all.

It was the ballerina's eye looking back at them.

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