Floating heart

by Omar B.

It was a long day of work. He rode his car and went to his home. He untied his tie and sat watching the lake as the sun set. He heard a water crackers. He went near the window, moreover he gazed strongly. Everything stood still nothing made a move. That sound made him as white as a sheet.

He tiptoed out, although the stormy whether holding his baseball bat. The leaves were rustling, because of the howling wind. The trees were leaning as if they were spying. In a second fear revealed from the back of his mind. He took few steps and he saw a furry, large wolf howling at top of the mountain, that made his legs like jelly. However, he still wanted to identify what's beyond the water bubbles.

By surprise, he slipped into the lake. "Aaaaaah!" He yelled. His blood was running in the opposite way. The water bubbling was coming close more close and all of a sudden it vanished. "Don't worry you'll die soon or later!" a voice whispered from the middle of the darkness. His eyes were as red as blood. That thing was making his life on the edge. He didn't feel his leg. That thing was taking my leg off. Blood covered the lake, that was glittering under the moonlight. He struggled for his life. The bubbles gripped him deep down.

His heart was floating at the surface pumping to live, came out up high, that its shadow covered the moon light and lynched his heart.

Still people didn't know anything. As a result, from that day on people died for nothing from that extraordinary creature.

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