Five Fingers

by Sky B.R.
(Boston MA)

Five Finger's doll

Five Finger's doll

One day there was a girl named Zoe. She had always wanted a doll, not just any doll, but a doll that looked real. Her parents were very, very poor, and they never had quite enough money to buy a toy for their little girl.

One day, on Zoe's 10th birthday, her family saved up enough money to finally get her that pretty doll that she had always wanted. The only store nearby was a small place, called Mr. WEBEWAR store. Zoe and her family walked down the street to the store, and the first thing they realized, was that the sign was peeling and that instead of saying "Mr. WEBEWAR store" the Mr.,the WE and the store had fallen off, so that the sign only said BEWAR e. It was a funny sight, but for some reason Zoe didn't feel like laughing, there was something queer about this whole place.

When she walked in the store looked as if nobody had ever been in there. There was a layer of dust on the floor that seemed to stretch on into eternity, it was almost an inch thick. Zoe looked around the store, it was crammed with so many dolls, if this store had of been an article of clothing, it would have been bursting at the seams.

She looked around the store when she saw something move at the other side. She heard a faint cough as an old man seemed to appear at the other side of the store. She jumped, he had startled her. The old man stared at her with unblinking eyes, and she stared back, but eventually her eyes began to water and she blinked. He smiled a toothless smile and said in a voice that sounded like the scratching on a chalkboard "i have the perfect doll for you" Zoe covered her ears, but her mother said "Zoe! That is impolite, don't be rude"

Her mother didn't seem to notice anything strange about this old man. He pulled out a doll. She had short black hair and a smile that looked almost mocking. Strangly. enough it had no fingers at all, a hand- with no fingers.

Zoe's father was an impatient man and told Zoe to hurry up, he had a shift at the laundry matt in 15 minutes. Zoe's mother hastily paid for the doll, as Zoe's brother and sister complained that the dust was making them sneeze. When Zoe got home she laid her doll down on her bed. The doll looked different now. Maybe it was a trick of the light but the doll looked as if it was not smiling at all, it looked like it was concentrating. Zoe was too eager to go outside to notice anything, so she threw the doll down quickly and ran to play with her friends.

That night Zoe fell asleep quickly, it was a hectic day. She was about to fall asleep when she realized that she couldnt find her doll. It wasn't where it had fallen! She was about to look for it when she felt much too tired.

That night she woke up and she heard something, it sounded like a song? She couldnt really hear it, she decided she must have been dreaming. Then she heard it again "FIVE FINGERS FIVE FINGERS IM ON YOUR MOTHERS BED, FIVE FINGERS FIVE FINGERS AND NOW YOUR MOTHERS DEAD." Zoe said "i must be dreaming" but then she heard it again! "FIVE FINGERS FIVE FINGERS IM ON YOUR FATHERS BED, FIVE FINGERS AND NOW YOUR FATHER'S DEAD!" it happened two more times, except instead of mother and father, it said sister and brother... That was four people.

Zoe got up and tried to get out of her room, when suddenly the lights flickered and then went off completely. The door was locked. Stupidly Zoe cowered under her blanquets. The door creaked open and to her surprise nobody was there, or so it seemed. Then she looked down, and there was her doll. Smiling that mocking smile, but this time her eyes weren't blank, they were a deep red, a deep fiery red.

That was the last thing Zoe saw before she heard the high soprano voice singing a song that seemed familiar, then a scream peirced the night.

The next day the nieghbors phoned the police. They had heard something unsettling the other night. The police searched the house and found 4 dead people then they reached Zoe's room and found a doll with 5 mismatch fingers on one hand and a dead 10 year old laying next to her.

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