Find your Short Stories or other stuff on the site

The site now has a Find, or Search, tool that will let you, your friends, and your parents locate a story, a comment, your name or any other content on the site.

Search using a magnifying glass

Maybe you once read a story and all you can remember is a short phrase. Type that in the box and we'll do our best to present you with the search results.

This is very valuable because as we collect more and more short stories, they become harder and harder to find. If you want to tell grandma about your story, this is an even easier way to do it.

Give it a try and tell your friends about the Find feature. They'll be glad you did.

A note to parents: This feature uses a Safe Search capability, as well as searching only this web-site, which is already safe for kids. We do our best to provide a welcoming, carefree environment.

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We hope you enjoyed the Find feature and will use it often. Have a great day!

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