Fight For Life, Fight For Family

by Anna

My heart was racing. My hands were hurting. I was afraid. It was extremely dark outside and I was locked out of my home. It was hot and windy. My hair was whipping about my face. I had been banging on the door for at least a half hour but for some reason my family couldn't hear me. Finally, I dropped to the ground, exhausted. I closed my eyes. The wind was slowing down. It finally stopped all together. It was extremely quiet.

Just as the moon came out, an odd feeling began to develop in my stomach. That's when I knew: I was not alone. There was noone there, at least noone I could see. But for some reason, I knew something was there. It was not my wife or any of my children. Just as I started to stand again, I saw a figure standing in the archway just a few feet away from me. I gasped. I tried to scream, but all that came out was a whisper.

My voice was hoarse from yelling to be let inside. The creature was tall, much taller than me. I would have thought it was a human, but it's head was shaped differently than any human being that I had ever seen. It didn't budge; it just stared at me. It's eyes moved in a menacingly way. Then it dawned on me; if I didn't act soon, it would kill me and maybe try to harm my family. Slowly I stood. I was not afraid anymore.

The only thing close by was a rake. I reached over and picked it up. Then the alien ran at me. It was extremely fast and muscular. I yelled and hit at it several times with my rake. As I brought the sharp tongs down on the aliens skin, it let out a blood chilling scream. I fought with all my strength that day. I fought for my family and my life. The alien thrashed out at me then, its long claws scraping my arm. I felt my own warm blood run all the way down to my hand.

I grabbed the rake with all my strength and brought it down on the alien's head. Then I lost all conscienceness. I awoke several hours later to find myself outside. I turned over and saw a large mass lying beside me. The alien was dead and was lying in a pool of blood. I smiled. I had won.

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