Fall, fall, fall... Good-bye

by Shannon

My Little Fairy

My Little Fairy

It was horrible. I had a sister one minute and the next I didn't. It was up in Donegal. I was on holidays. I hated it mostly.

We were going up the cliff beside the hotel. My little sister Jayni, 10, was running ahead! My mom and dad told her to wait, but she wouldn't. When she got to the top of the hill she stood there right at the edge. Below were the heavy rocks and then the ocean.

I stood next to her when I finally got up. I tried getting her to stand back. But she wouldn't. There were other people up on the cliff too. There was an old man and a boy around 20. For some strange reason he looked like the man I saw in the poster earlier on. On the poster was a man and it said he was missing from a mental home, but it couldn't have been him. Well that's what I thought!

The next thing I knew I saw my sister hurtling down the cliff! I ran over and called her name someone called the police and the ambulance. My sister was gone!

It turned out the old man had taken a picture. It was a picture of the 20 year old man pushing her off the cliff! He was the man from the mental home!

He got arrested.

Now I cry... every time I look at her bed beside mine.

They never found her body, but they say it's still at the end of the cliff.

I never got a chance to say good-bye, so now I would like to say to my sister, Jayni,


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