Face in the Window

by Emma

"Hey Olivia come over here." Melony said. "What?" Olivia replied.

"My parents said it's time to go to bed." Melony said with a sigh. "OK" Olivia said.

"What's that?" Melony screached.

"I don't know, maybe a branch!"

"Are you sure because to me it looks like a face!"

Outside Melony's window there stood a man who's face was pressed up against it. The girl screamed and ran into her parents' bedroom screaming and crying. As Melony told her parents what they had seen Olivia noticed a face pressed up against Melony's parents' window, screamed and fainted!

After this Melony went down stairs to call the police while her mom and dad tried to wake Olivia up, but it was no use. Olivia would not wake up and it had been 10 minutes since she called the police and they still weren't there. So Melony's mom gave it a shot and the police showed up about 3 minutes later.

"Why didn't you come the first time?" Melony's mom asked the police.

"Sorry we thought that your kid was fakeing it because a teenager calling at 12:00 o'clock at night saying there's some man at their window sounded pretty fake to me."

"We don't have time to talk quick let's go check out the back yard... I mean you go check out the back yard!"

"Will do ma'am."

Later that night the police found foot prints leading into the woods in her back yard. The police still have not found this man to this day. Some say it was a psycho, but I say it was a ghost!

Olivia was never the same and died of fright at the age of 14 and Melony well no one really knows what happen to her one night she wen't to bed and her parents found her in there back yard she was hung with a jump rope on a tree.

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