Evie and the cat show

by Emily
(Surrey, England)

Home at last!

Home at last!

Once upon a time there was four kittens, Saffy, Sammy, Sadie and Evie. Evie had beautiful soft blonde hair and shining, glistening blue eyes.

Evie had one simple wish to be able to be in a cat show but there was one humongous problem, her mother Angel. Anglel was a grey haired cat with dark eyes like a hole in the ground. "Mother please may I go to the cat show it's only down the street?". "NEVER" Bellowed Angel.

Evie just turned and runaway to the cat show. Evie tiptoed down the mysterious paths and Evie could hear an owl in the distance. Evie saw the sign so started hopping across the road into the enormous hall. When she arrived she jumped on the table and started posing. "The winner of the kit cat cat show is . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Evie!!!" shouted the man on the stage. Evie saw here friend Muffin so after getting her prize she ran to see Muffin. Well done Evie every one was saying."Oh its amazing being in the spot light!" Whisperd Evie to Muffin. Evie was even more excited when someone had entered her in another cat show! Guess what? Evie won the next cat show too!

Whilst Evie was doing the next cat show she saw a big grey cat like her mother, guess who it was, in fact it was her mother. Evie was trying to hide under the table but it was to late.

"Evie!!!!!!!!! What are you doing here?" belowed Angel. Angel went running up to her daughter. "I am sorry I did not let you go to the cat show" whispered Angle. "I am sorry too" sobbed Evie.

The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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