Everything Can't Be Perfect

by Muneerah

There was a girl named Ashely she was the most perfect girl you could have ever met. She wanted everything to look perfect, smell perfect, taste perfect, and you know the rest, my point is she wants everything perfect.

Ashely would get mad if someone corrects her because she knows she is always perfect. Ashely becomes a different person when she gets mad. She will soon learn that she can't have anything perfect and someone will teach her a lesson a big lesson.

She told her mom tht she wants to be at school perfectly at 7:30 just on time. So then her mom said quietly, "I hope she gets there on time, we don't want another call from the principle saying that she got in another fight because someone said that she wasn't exactly there on time."

So Ashely went to school and she had A's on all of her school work,everything. She waited patiently to get out of school so when she went back home she saw the most horrible thing in her whole life, the whole house was not perfect. Every single little thing, and then her room was unorganized everything was not perfect the way she wanted it.

Then Ashely was screaming and calling her mom and crying. Her mom looked at her just normally and said what is wrong. She said everything, "My room, livingroom, kitchen, and all of the house is not perfect. Her mom said, What I tired of u having everything perfect.I want it to be my way not yours so it is going to be this way!!!

"Ashely was very mad and she started screaming and saying nooooo. Then she ran to the kitchen grabbed a knife then her mom grabbed her pushed her and she knocked out.

Her mom sent her to the mental hospital and she was just sitting in the corner and saying, "I want everything to be perfect why why nothing is perfect. "Ashely was mumbuling that all day. That is all she did. Her mom comes and visits her once a week for about 1 hour. Then she has to leave because Asheley gets mad and starts to scream. Asheley could never be the same again.

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