Enjoyment with Puzzle

by vaman

Face I s The Index

Face I s The Index

Niraja by nature was a soft and simple girl. Last month, her eighth birthday was celebrated. She never talks to others on silly matters and hate those who waste time in gossip. Even she didn?t spare her parents, if they were engaged in gossip.

On one occasion, mom and dad were discussing about the ferocious nature of the girl, who was in the next house. Niraja observed this and told, ?Please stop discussing on others. Telling ill of others is not only bad but condemned by all means.?

On hearing this parents promised her to stop such useless discussion for ever. Recently she had developed a rare quality of understanding the puzzles and find out the answers. Knowing her nature very well, parents encouraged her in all possible ways. Once she was telling parents about puzzles and how one can sharpen the knowledge.
Her mom asked, ?Niraja are you interested to know a puzzle which gives not only knowledge but enjoyment.?

Niraja replied, ?Okay.?

Her mom began to narrate the puzzle.

?Elder brother was married and working in a multinational company. Younger brother was still studying in the Engineering College. Elder brother wanted to buy a brand new car. After selecting the car, he asked wife and brother to come to showroom. When they arrived, seen hundreds of cars parked in the open area. Younger brother asked his brother to permit him to use his brand new car and have a round in the city.

Elder brother was aware of his brother?s driving knowledge. Before handing over the keys he wanted to test his knowledge. He handed over the key and told him to find out car among several cars having a wonderful number with first two digits 1 less than the last two digits and no repeated numbers and the value of the second digit is 2 more than the first.

Younger brother went to search the car. He experienced difficulty in searching the car. Poor fellow could not find the car even after spending one hour.?

Now it is up to you Niraja to help the younger brother. Be fast and find out the car number without wasting time.

Niraja without taking much time replied, ?Mom car number must be ? 7980.? Mom asked, ?How did you know the figure.?

Niraja replied,? The first two digits i.e. 7 and 9 are 1 less than the last two digits i.e. 80. Here no number has been repeated-7980. The second digit is 9 and first digit is 7 i.e. two more than the first.?

If the little girl failed to answer, it was a problem for her parents to give correct answer due lack of knowledge.

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