by Bee

I said to my cousin and her friends that we had to use her Ouija board. She said it was scary. I was 11, she was 14. I wanted to do it. So she finally broke down. We each put a hand on the glowing triangular piece.

"Are there any ghosts here?" It moved to yes. We all giggled.

"What is your name?" E-L-I-Z-A-B-E-T-H.

"Gosh, there was this woman who died in the house next to us. I have a picture." There was a foggy picture of a woman sitting at a table.

"Her name was Elizabeth." We all screamed. We asked if we were going to be hurt and it said maybe. Ben screamed to scare all the girls, since he was the only boy. After we settled down, we asked if anyone was going to knock on the door.
KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Silence. My mom slowly opened the door, and we watched. She ran away, and we were staring, waiting. My uncle jumped in front of the door and screamed. I think Ben peed his pants!

We settled down again, and we put the board on the floor. The piece was on the right, and it moved to the center with no one touching it.


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