East side cemetery

by Emma and Samara
(Creswell OR)

One night a girl went to the east part of sleepy hollow cemetery... no one went to the east part. No one at all.

Molly Morgan was a very strange girl, she just moved in with her aunt and uncle. She lived just across a cemetery well, the east part anyway. She went over to the place late at night. Out of curiosity she opened the broken tall gate that said R.I.P and in bright red letters GO BACK!

She was brave and decided to go in anyway. Well Molly Morgan soon found that she could not turn back. The tall gate that said R.I.P was shut tight she could not open it. It said "now you are mine!" Molly was very frightened she turned around to see a woman. Molly started to say "oh thank you..." but the woman cut her off and screamed a shrilling scream at Molly.

Molly ran for the middle of the cemetery but the woman grabbed her by the neck. Molly could feel the woman's sharp nails cutting into her skin.

The next morning the aunt and uncle went to the east side of the sleepy hollow graveyard to find a new headstone that read:

Molly Morgan
from a murder

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