Driving Alone With The Dead

by Molly N.
(Australia NSW Sydney)

The road they were driving on

The road they were driving on

At night, a husband and wife were driving down a dark road that stretched through miles. There were no houses, just dead trees that seemed to stare at you. The wind was strong and howling.

Suddenly, the car's engine roared and stopped working. The husband tried to start it up again but all there was was a loud roar from the engine. The husband got out. Shivering from the cold wind, he said to his wife to stay inside the car while he goes out to find help and will be back in a minute.

Thirty minutes later there was no sign of the husband. The wife began worrying. The wind was still strong. Suddenly she saw a figure that looked like a person. Then she realized it was a man with a half red suit. He was swinging and dancing around a tree. Why would anyone dance around a tree at this time? She thought about it and soon fell asleep.

She woke up about five hours later and there the same man was still dancing around the same tree. Hours and hours past and she just stared as the man danced around the same tree.

The woman got frustrated and went up to the man. It was her husband hung dead on the tree. A rope was tied around his neck and as the wind blew, he danced back and forth, back and forth around the tree.

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