Dream come true

by Ilma Khan
(Delhi, India)

The most memorable moment of my life is when my friends and I won the table-tennis zonal competition (which was held on 21st AUGUST 2009. It was a pretty pleasant experience.

Our team was in the finals. I was not very nervous while playing the previous matches, but in the finals I was the third player and everything was based on me. The two players of my team had won the matches by giving brilliant performances and I was the last to go. I was just two matches beyond the victory.

I was nervous and not very confident but I won the first match. Everybody was cheering me and I was happy, but I lost the second match. The score of the opponent and I was equal and I had won that match at any cost.

As the final match began, there was not a single sound in the room; everything was in slow motion; everyone staring, not a soul moving. My legs numb and I was very much nervous. At that time, I was wondering what my senior told me that I had to give my 100%; I have to enjoy this game as I'm playing T.T for the last time. Then I started playing.

The beginning of the match was good as I was free from tension and nervousness; I was enjoying the game. I just had to score only one point to win. Everybody was screaming and shouting. The score was 10:6. 10 were mine and 6 were that of the opponent. At that moment, the umpire said to me, "Only one point, you can do it?" Then the match was resumed, the opponent passed the ball and I shot the ball and we won the competition :-). My friends and coach screamed of joy.

This was the most memorable moment of my life, which I'll always cherish. That was the day, which I want to come again and again in my life. That was the first experience of my life where I was able to express my talent and capability. Through this incident, I came to know that everything's possible in life and all of a sudden, I found myself more confident than before. As I even didn't know that I had to play and suddenly my coach told me to play, I also learned that we should always be ready because anytime any gate can be open for us. :-) this is what I've been dreaming of...

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