Drama Queens

by Kaylee
(Mount Gambier)

"There once lived a ............." *sigh* "Why oh why did I end up with COMMUNITY SERVICE? It just makes no sense. It was ROBIN who told me to do so. It's not MY FAULT" Lauren thought.

She accidently, on purpose, pranked the firebrigrade and now she is stuck reading little kids books to little kids. "Ms Lauren" Charlie asked "WHAT CHARLIE." Lauren screamed "you're the meanest teacher/reader I've ever met." Charlie sobbed, "WELL WHAT DID I DO." she screeched.

You see Lauren has a temper problem and that just got her into EVEN MORE TROUBLE.

She had tried counseling but then she just yelled, screeched and threw a hissy-fit. (it happens everyday with her family and her teachers and now little kids like charlie).

She was a problem and if she couldn't control her self she would be expelled out of ALL of her clubs and afternoons sports and she couldn't see her friends. It's only a matter of time before it happens!

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