Down In the Basement.

by A reliable source

Once I was on vacation with my family when my mom needed some jelly from the basement and she told me to go get it. Some old man had died in that very basement; of course we rented the place. I went down and as I got farther down I heard "GREEN EYE" "BLUE EYE" and I ran upstairs as fast as I could and I told my mom what I had heard! She said I was just being a baby and told my brother to go and get it.

As he went down he heard "RED EYE" "BLUE EYE" "PURPLE EYE" he ran up and said mom there is seriously someone or something down there. She said "oh my gosh kids you are being babies". She went down and heard the same thing we did and she ran back up. My dad was pulling in and asked what was going on? We told him and he said we should get out immediatly and we asked why.

He said Henry Dounews had lived here and he was murdered in that basement and he was an eye doctor. We ran out and we had forgotten about my little sister that was 3 1/2 years old and when we got back in to get her we had seen that she had gone down to the basement. We heard "RED EYE" BLUE EYE" "PINK EYE" and it kept getting louder just as my little sister had reached the cupboard that the jelly was in we heard her scream and dad ran down there and said "shut up before I give you a black eye"!

Then as he said that a black object reached out and grabbed him! We have never seen him since! Oh and I forgot to tell you this but legend has it if you go down into that basement, that man will kill you and bury your body in your grandma's back yard... weird I know, but true! Believe it or not it really happened to me... true story!

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