by Eliza

Mirror...Mirror....On the wall....

Mirror...Mirror....On the wall....

"See, look! They always trip over in these movies." said Jemma. I just sighed and delved my hand into the warm bucket of popcorn. Jemma and I were at the cinema. It was a Saturday morning, and we were watching My Twin Ghost. Jemma groaned. "Now she's dead. Pass the Coke."

"Drink your own coke!"

"But I finished it!" she protested, grabbing the paper cup.

I yanked it back. "Then you shouldn't have! And stop pulling, you'll stretch the jacket." Jemma rolled her eyes. "Oh, wow. THE jacket. So now it's not YOUR jacket, it's THE jacket."

I loved the jacket. And I never stood down the chance to show it off. As I gestured to the purple leather star in the middle of the fuzzy pink jacket, I went off into my practiced speech about it.

"This jacket was worn by the one and only Laura Chartsky. It's the only one of it's kind IN THE WORLD. She threw it out into the crowd at her 3rd concert, and guess who caught it?"

Jemma sarcastically sneered, "Spongebob Squarepants?"

"Nope." I flounced. "ME!"

"Yeah, yeah...Hey, Sarah, go get me another coke, will you?" She passed me ten bucks, and I stormed off.

As I walked out of the cinema, the girl on the screen had just met a wizened old lady. The old lady gave a hacking cough, then croaked; "You will find them. A doppelganger. A ghost who looks exactly like you, but if you meet, she will become you, and be your friend's friend, your mother's daughter. She will take over your life, and you will become...nothing. She will kill you and take your place. So don't look at her eyes."

The girl in the movie, a blond teen, started to look bold and brave, and went back into the haunted house.

"That movie sucks." I thought, as the queue went on. As it was my turn, I bought a coke, then asked for my specialty; A bottle of sprite and a pack of lollies. I would put the lollies in the sprite, and they would come out chewy and soft.

"Sorry." said the clerk. "That girl in the pink jacket just took our last Sprite and lollies."
"Pink jacket?" I asked, curious. "Did it have a star on it?" "Yeah. Purple. How'd you know?"

I ignored his question, and stormed outside. There was no girl there. As I was about to go in, I heard my ringtone go off. I reached for my phone, but it was off.

Where was the ring coming from? I was answered when I saw a girl walk into the cinema I was in before. She had the same phone as me, and was chattering on it. And she had a pink jacket with a purple star on it. Her auburn hair was pulled into a tight ponytail. Feeling my own hair, I realised she was exactly like me. I ran into the cinema. She was sidling into the seat-next to Jemma.
"Hey! You! Who are you?!?" I shouted at her.

She turned to me. Her eyes were enchantingly green, just like mine. And as I felt myself fading away, I heard her whisper..."Who do you think? I am you."

Jemma's eyebrows furrowed. "That girl there looked a bit like... you, Sarah. You're still the same person, right?" she chuckled, nervously.

The Doppelganger grinned. "Of course I am, Jemma. It's just me; Just your best friend, Sarah."

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