Doomsday for all mankind

by Arianna

“Every Halloween Night my friends and I dress up in scary costumes and scare little kids that come to our house for candy. This Halloween we decided to dress up as pixies with giant oozing fangs.

Our costumes also included ripped up wings that moved. Then something very strange happened. My best friend in the world, Leah, went missing two weeks before Halloween. The strangest thing was that the police men searched the whole city, but her body was never found.

My other two friends, Bob and Kitan, were getting really scared about Halloween because of what happened to Leah.

“Mona, I am getting scared, I’m not sure I want to go out on Halloween anymore,” Kitan said to me with a frightened tone in her voice. The tone made the hair rise on the back of my neck

“Come on, Kitan, please you know I won’t let anything happen to you and Bob,” I said with a plea in my voice.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” Kitan responded.
Finally after two weeks of boredom, it was Halloween. Kitan and Bob came over to my house with their costumes all ready to go. Once we were dressed up we watched Halloween. I could tell Kitan was getting scared. Then with a ring of the doorbell, we jumped up off the couch and ran to the door.

“ROAR!!” we all screamed as we answered the door. Kitan stopped. The reason she did this was because there was no one at the door. Suddenly, there was a shriek in my closet and the electric went out. Once we found the flashlight, Bob approached the door and grabbed the knob. When he did this, the door swung open and the spirit of Leah came out of the closet.

Following behind her was a little pixyish creature named Lucia. Leah was dripping with blood, had giant teeth, and wings. Lucia looked the same but in a tinier form.

After a few moments of standing, Leah leaped at Bob, and Lucia bolted for Kitan and me. We scrambled for the door, closing it on Lucia’s face. We were on 13th street. Then we were able to get a good look of what was going on outside, I noticed that there were bodies on the ground, and they started to sprout wings.

“Mona, what’s happening?” Kitan asked me.
“Wings of Doom! They are sprouting Wings of Doom!” I shouted to her. There were too many pixies to try to run through them all. We knew it was doomsday. All of a sudden, Leah and Lucia flew over us. They turned around on their backs, sprouted wings, and shot bullets out of them. After we were shot down onto the cold, wet ground, Leah bit me and Lucia took Kitan. I lay on the ground, but soon sprouted wings along with Kitan.

The pixies went off and destroyed the earth. So, that day was not only doomsday for me, but for everyone else. We took over the earth.

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