Don't treat Teddy bears badly

by Caitlin

Teddy bear surprise

Teddy bear surprise

Once upon a time there was a young girl who owned a teddy bear. She loved it so much. They did everything together. Read books together, had picnics together, they even baked together. But as the young girl, Sally grew older, she liked painting nails, pretty pink stuff and not teddy bears like Timmy who was her teddy bear.

As soon as Sally realised that teddys weren't real as said by her parent she was very mean to Timmy. She dyed his hair green and put it into a Mohawk. "You've always wanted to go to the snow!" said Sally as she shoved him in the freezer.

"Stay here all week and don't get out, Oh I forgot, you’re not real!" and slammed the door shut.

The week after Sally opened the freezer door and pulled out poor Timmy who was blue and cold.

"How'd you like the snow?" said Sally in a mean voice. Walked into her room and threw him up on the shelf.

Timmy did not like the way Sally treated him and he was going to payback. He snatched the pillow out from underneath Sally’s head and whooshed off her blanket. She didn't wake. He ripped open the pillow and got all the fluff from it and jumped up on the shelf. He dropped all the fluff into Sally’s mouth. He then dropped all the fluff from the blanket into Sally’s mouth. Sally stopped snoring and moving. She had become a Stuffed toy just like Timmy!

Timmy dragged her down the stairs and out to the street. He gave it to the doll shop to sell. The next morning a young girl just like Sally used to be, bought the Sally doll and she eventually grew up. The same thing would keep happening again and again.

So when you buy a teddy, be sure to look after it no matter how old you are or you might end up like Sally.

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