Don't tell anyone... or else

by Jenny

On a cold Tuesday evening little Mick was playing outside as usual when all of a sudden he heard someone shriek in pain. Then he looked to his right where the sound came from and saw a girl being stabbed.

Mick was only 8 and couldn't bare to here that sound so he rushed inside then he heard someone say "don't tell anyone or else". Mick wasn't going to keep this a secret because some voice said so.

When his mom came home Mick jumped into her arms. He told his mom everything and his mom was shocked. She told Mick to go to his room so his mom and dad could discuss the incident.

After 10:00 pm when Mick was asleep he was awoken by the sound of loud footsteps. (Micks mom had already called the police). Mick was very scared so he just hid under the covers.

I told you not to tell anyone about this Mick the voice said. I told you so and since you ignored me everyone you love is going to pay. Mick looked up and saw his mother... dead on the floor with a knife in her side. then he saw his dad... also dead with a telephone cord tied to his neck.

So if you ever go by there house you will see Mick waiting in his room from the window. He will be mouthing the words "he told me so".

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