Don't Stand on the Bunk Bed

by Sophia G.

Once upon a time, there was a princess who liked going on top of her brother's bunk bed. She was not supposed to be up there. She found a sword while she was up on his bed. The sword was made of plastic and it was blue on the top, and it was grey on the bottom.

While playing with the sword, she noticed that the closet smelled bad. She wanted to close the door with the sword. So she stood up to close the door with the sword, but she couldn't reach. She fell from the top bunk all the way to the floor. CRASH!

Then she cried like she never cried before. Even harder than when she was out of her mother's tummy. She cried and cried for 15 minutes.

When she finally got to the doctor, it wasn't all broken. The doctor still decided to put a cast on her arm. "It was just broken a little bit" said the doctor. When Princess Sophia got home, everybody had those permanent markers that never wash off. They started to write their names on the cast one at a time because the princess was with her father and the Mom decided everyone could mark on her cast. The Mom decided that everyone could only write their names or smiley faces on the cast.

The princess was not happy that people were marking on it, even at church. Not matter what happened, they still put their names on the cast. Even sometimes there was triple, or dipple, or flipple names on it.

Looking back now, the princess knows that the people who signed her cast were trying to be nice. This makes the princess happy now.

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