Don't look back

by Jose
(Atlantic City, N.J)

Some of you guys might want to know why am I running? Well here's the deal, I'm being chased by wolves. So right now I'm trying to stay alive, but these wolves aren't ordinary. They're actually werewolves.

So I kept running and then BAM! I fell. I looked back and they were gone. "Whew, finally they're gone... now if I can only find my way out of these woods. It's freezing cold out here, I wish they wouldn't have ripped my jacket to shreds or even come after me."

When I was almost home I heard a howl and I ran as fast as I could to make sure they weren't after me. I got home and closed the door with all my force and fell to my knees crying of happiness for not getting killed. So I turned the T.V on and just lay on the couch to rest.

Then, suddenly, the T.V just shut off. I went over to click it back on and nothing.

"GRRRRRRRR"! I heard a noise and I looked back and a shadow of dogs were coming. I went upstairs to hide, but then I heard footsteps. I was just hoping the wouldn't find me hiding in my closet.

After a few minutes of silence I thought they were gone and then I saw them and I was in a hallway with nothing but walls. I knew I was trapped. I really shouldn't explain the ending. They killed me. I was nothing but bones now.

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