Don't forget to feed the dog "Twice!"

by D. Armstrong

It was almost the end of the year and Israel the son of Esther and Gerard Peterson had made a promise that he would never forget to feed his pet dog before New Years Eve. Israel had made a promise to the janitor that he would not forget to feed his pit-bull before the break of a new year.

The dog was given to him as a present for his birthday because he begged the Janitor who lived next to the school he was attending. The Janitor had told him that on the first of January 2012 that if the dog was not fed before the clock hit mid-night, it would change into a ferocious "Ware-wolf" Even though his Mom and Dad were present at the mention of this gross outcome, the boy neglected to take the Janitor's comment seriously and just laughed it off.

It was now the last day in the year and Israel came back from watching a movie with his friends, unfortunately he was very tired and decided to take a short nap. The full moon was bright as day and when he awoke he went to the kitchen for a drink of water. As he was almost finished drinking, he heard an unusual loud cry coming from the yard. As the lock on the kitchen door was not locked he decided to open it to see where his dog was, he yelled out "LION-HEART?" Come boy! He ventured to the side of the house searching for his dog. Once again he heard the loud cry but this time he became frightening because it was a Howl. He was scared and tried to shout out Mamma but his fear made him speechless; Suddenly, he felt something wet and slimy dripping on his head. As he froze there he took his hand and wiped his head only see blood and slime coming off his hands.

Israel lift his head upwards and he saw the most horrifying ugly looking dog in his life. He spun around as fast as he could, running towards the kitchen door and as he opened it, on the ground, lay his mother and father in a pool of blood without their heads on their bodies.

Then he decided to call out for his best friend once more, yelling he called "LION-HEART!!!!!" To frightened to move he fell asleep. When he had awakened his dog was lying down in his room chewing on the scull on one of his parents.

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