Don't Believe Everything You Hear

by Zoe
(Chicago Suburb)

Mr. and Mrs. Telix lived alone out in a dark forest. Their closest neighbor was a mile away. They had to stay in after dark to avoid werewolves. During the day Mr. Telix would gather food and Mrs. Telix would go visit friends.

One especially dark night Mr. And Mrs. Telix were sitting by a warm fire talking. Suddenly they heard a girl screaming. “That doesn’t sound good,” said Mr. Telix as he got up and went to the window.

There was a girl running towards their house. She ran to the door and started knocking frantically. Mrs. Telix jumped up and opened the door. The girl ran inside. “ Are you alright,” Mrs. Telix asked. She could barely speak. “No – I – werewolves – Mom – Dad.” That was all she managed to choke out. “Oh, come and sit down,” said Mrs. Telix. “Would you like a glass of water?,” she asked. “Yes please, thank you,” the girl answered.

The girl started calming down about ten minutes later. “What happened to you?” Mr. Telix asked. “I was walking home from getting water with my mom and dad. Then two werewolves started chasing us. I was ahead of my mom and dad. They were to slow. One of the werewolves got them. It dragged them off somewhere. I kept running while the other one was still after me. I saw your house and thought if I made it then I’d be safe. It stopped chasing me when I made it to your door.” “Oh, you poor thing, what’s your name?” asked Mr. Telix. “Ally,” she answered. “You can stay here tonight.” Said Mrs.Telix. “Thank– you,” Ally said. They continued talking for five minutes and then they all went to bed.

When Mr. And Mrs. Telix came downstairs in the morning Ally was walking towards the door. “Where are you going,” Asked Mr. Telix. “Home, I guess,” She answered. “ Ally, you cant go home, your parents are….. gone, you’ll be all alone. Your just a kid,” Mrs. Telix said. “Well I don’t have anywhere else to go,” Ally sighed. “ You can live with us,” Mr. Telix smiled. “O.K. I do like it here, a lot,” Ally looked thrilled.

Ally had lived there almost a year. She loved the Telix’s home. Ally couldn’t wait for her parents to see it. Ally stood in the living room “ I think I did a good job,” Ally thought to herself. She heard a knock at the door. She felt so excited, it was her mom and dad.

They all stood in the Telix’s living room. “Did I do a good job?,” asked Ally. “Yes you did,” answered her mother. “Did they really buy that
werewolf story?,” asked her dad. “Yeah, they did,” she answered. “ Well I’m hungry, and we cant let them be found,” said Ally’s dad. “But we cant eat yet, we have to wait for the full moon,” Ally said. Five minutes past and the moonlight was clearly visible. Ally, her mom, and her dad bent over as they transformed into monsters of the night and started ripping the Telix’s dead bodies apart. “I feel kinda bad about this,” Ally’s mom growled. “Well we did need a home,” Ally answered.

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