Disc of Secrets

by Brandon
(Glendale, Arizona)

Disc or Saucer?

Disc or Saucer?

Tim walked down the abandoned road and stared at the ground. Then, he saw something buried in the dirt. It was a shiny disc like a DVD or a CD. It looked like someone had buried it there on purpose.

Just then, he heard footsteps coming behind him. He turned around to see a man in sunglasses, waving a gun towards him. Tim started to run as fast as he could, while carrying the disc. He made his way across some streets until he came to his house. He ran in and locked the door as fast as he could. The man in sunglasses came walking up to the house and firing his gun like a maniac.

"Give me that disc!" he yelled. Why did he want it so bad? Just then, Tim pulled open a window and threw the disc out, onto the driveway. The man took it and ran off. Fortunately, Tim had quickly made a copy of it so he could see what was on it.

He put it into his DVD player and pressed play. The screen started showing pictures of area 51 and crashed UFOs. It also showed dead aliens and things beyond anyone's imagination. Tim was shocked and amazed. Why would it be buried in the dirt for anybody to find and who was the man that had chased him?

He had to tell someone about this. Tim took the film and ran to a nearby TV station that was in the middle of filming a show at that time. On the way, the man showed up again and started firing at Tim. Finally, Tim got to the studio and got onto the air. "Stop and listen to me. Area 51 is real. The aliens are real! It's all real! Just watch this DVD!" Just then, gunshots rang out and Tim was shot, three times in the chest.

At home, everyone's television sets went to static. The disc dropped to the ground and fell under a chair. The secret was still safe.

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