Did This Really Happen or Did I Dream It?

by Auron Jay Hinson with his Grandma

I am 5 years old! Today my Grandma came to my house and picked me up with the red truck. I like to ride in the red truck!

My dog, Elvis, was so excited he was jumping all over us! I told him he was a bad dog because he didn?t want to stop jumping on us. But my Grandma really likes Elvis so she was petting him while I ran and got in the truck.

I am going to stay all night with my Grandma at her house. We have a really good time when I go visit. Grandma tells me I am the best little boy in the WHOLE world!! And I tell her we are friends forever!! Sometimes we make Gingerbread men cookies! I have to help my grandma, she thinks I am a good baker! My Granddaddy is big and strong and he likes to play with me. We play monster, and he is really good at tickling. And we go get happy meals and play at McDonald?s.

Grandma and I were sitting on the porch rocking in the rocking chairs tonight. We were playing with the kitties and looking all around at things. All of a sudden we heard a noise and an elevator appeared in our front yard!! We were so surprised to see an elevators, and we wondered just where can you go in that elevator in our front yard. Well, we walked around the elevator a couple of times looking at it and then we went inside the open doors to check it out inside. Well, the doors closed shut and scared us a little bit when they closed. All of a sudden we started to move?. UP!

We went up, up, up and then up some more. We thought we would never stop! All of a sudden though we jerked to a stop. We were a little afraid because we did not know where we were. The door opened very slowly and we could see a strange place. We slowly moved out the door and looked around. We were on the Moon!!

The moon was not what we expected!! We could breath and walk and see. And it was so pretty up there!! Wow, this could be fun.

We explored for a while until we got really tired. Then Grandma and I decided we would stretch out for a rest. When we laid back what a sight we saw!! There were bunches and bunches and bunches of bright stars all over the sky!! We could see them and almost reach out and touch them!! So we rested and looked at the stars and other lights that my Grandma said was other planets. We were not afraid anymore. After a long while we were getting so sleepy. So we ran back and got inside the elevator and BAM!!! The door closed shut again! We felt it start to move again, but this time it was going down, and down, and down. Then bump!!! The door opened and we were back in front of my Grandma?s house where we were before.

We walked out of the elevator and climbed back on our porch and started rocking again in our rocking chairs.

Grandma and I opened our eyes and looked at each other and smiled really big. I think I had a little nap!

We have a lot of fun together.

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