Diarys can be deadly

(New York)

It was a quiet afternoon in Hills ville. Amber was walking down an unfamiliar street. The neighbor hood was way to quiet. Amber could hear leaves crunching behind her but every time she turned around no one was there.

Amber was on her way to a sleepover. She was going to Diana's house. There she would hang out with Diana and Stephanie. The laves started crunching again. She turned around quickly. There in front of her was a woman. She had scratches all over her face. Her chest was cut open. The woman had a blueish skin color.

"Don't go to Diana's house!" she whispered in a weird voice. Amber couldn't speak. She was to horrified.

"Don't go." it said again. "You will surely die." Then the strange woman laughed and disappeared. Amber thought she was going crazy so she went to Diana's house. When she got there she thought she heard someone say "Big mistake".

Amber was scared. She soon forgot all about the encounter when she got inside and started to play with her friends. Around 9:00, Diana said she was going to the bathroom. She left Stephanie and Amber alone.
"Hey lets look in her diary." Stephanie suggested.

The 2 girls open the pink diary. They skipped through the pages till they found one with the title "Biggest Secret"
"Lets read this page." Amber said.

"Dear Diary,
Today i murdered my first victim. It was great. My parents will be so proud. They may even get me that new phone that i wanted.
From, Diana.

Both girls just sat there. They were very nervous. Yhen they heard Diana's voice.
"Stephanie can you come here for a moment, I need your help."

Stephanie sat there for a moment.
"It's just a joke." I told her. "I bet you this is even her diary." Stephanie got up and left after Amber said this. 10 minutes later Diana walked in to the room.
"You know my secret." she said.
"Oh the joke, ya sorry about that. You had me going there for..." Amber was cut off when she saw what was past Diana. On the floor in the hallway was Stephanie. Her throat was slit.

"Why?" Amber asked.
"Cause my family are murders. Duh!" Then Diana took a knife out from behind her back and charged. Amber screamed. As Amber was about to die she thought she heard the voice of the woman.
"I told you so."

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