by Graham Cracker

Once there was this one six year old girl named Desiree. Even though her name was beautiful everyone at school laughed at her. And her home life wasn't exactly happy either, her mother living in fear of the father and had to do all the house work and job work. Her Father on the other hand was big, scary, and bad tempered.

Everytime something went wrong on purpose or even on accident, he would terrorize Desiree and her poor mother. Since Desiree didn't make any friends at school, her mother with the saved money from the savings jar, bought her a black puppy with green eyes. Even though the puppy looked different Desiree loved it very much and named her Deido.

Every night before Desiree would go to bed, she would have Deido lick her hand to reassure her that everything was okay and that she was safe. But one night, Desiree's father went off angrier and scarier than usual. He knocked over everything in the house, pulled out a knife and slit her mother across the neck. Desiree, watching the whole thing through her window, was petrified. In a swift, quiet move she grabbed Deido who was still asleep, and opened her window and ran right into the forest. Unfortunately, her father had very sensitive ears and heard the window open. He broke down the door and slipped out the window and ran after her.

Her father was a very fast runner, and Desiree knew she couldn't outrun him forever. Then to her dismay it was Deido that was slowing her down. Going behind a tree tears streaming down her face, she kissed her loving pup good bye and ran. It wasn't long before Desiree heard her beloved puppy scream with pain. The noise was too much for her, she broke to her knees, in 1/2 of a second her father was right behind her holding a blood dripping knife. But as soon as he held up the knife Desiree saw something else in his other hand, something bulgy. "Wait!" she exclaimed. "Before you kill me, what is that behind your back?" Her crazed father only smiled as he held up the severed heads of her beloved mother and puppy Deido!

Desiree screamed, her father after he slit her throat, cut off her ears and threw them into a nearby pond. Now whenever you go off into a nearby forest with a pond about ten feet long, you will hear the footsteps, and satured screaming of the young innocent little girl running from her lunatic father. The when you try to run you will run into a puppy's bottom sticking out of a hole. Don't even think about petting it because when you do, it will raise it's beheaded neck and howl. Warning Desiree and her father that there's an intruder in the forest, then you will hear running so fast you would think your ears are deceiving you.

The father will come up behind you and slit your throat then cut off your ears. Oh, and if you think you're safe just because you don't live near a forest, think again! Every first day of the month, their damned souls will linger in the darkest of shadows when you're least expecting it.

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