Demons in my head

by nick tesoro
(nashua nh)

'll start with my 1st encounter with an actual ghost figure. It was late, about two or three A.M. I woke up and went down the hall for a glass of water. As soon as I was going to turn on the light I hesitated because there was a black figure with a top hat on. I was very frightened and settled for some water out of bathroom sink.

A few weeks pass and I decided to check it out again in the dark. I noticed that there was a plant where the figure was standing (in the corner), and figured, hey maybe it was the plant and my fear went away.

About two months later I was suffering from a headache; so I took some Tylenol and decided to go to sleep. I could not sleep because I kept seeing letters and numbers and words randomly with my eyes closed as if they were projected on my eye lids. This was very weird to me so I kept opening them. When I would do so I would get the feeling something is watching me, I would see shadows outside my windows and heard weird noises.

I closed my eyes again, after doing this I saw a dark red figure with a bald head and his eyes were glowing as was his outer body, as I was looking at this figure (I could only see it from the torso up) with my eyes still closed something laid down next to me. I was on my right side facing my wall.

I immediately thought it was my friend who had left about an hour ago, and came back because he didn't want to walk home. I said "sup, why you just walk in my house like that man, go sleep on the couch." He never said anything back so I turned to my left and nothing was there. After that I was convinced something was there that I couldn't see. I slept in the living room for about 2 weeks after that.

About three weeks later I was sleeping on the couch because I found I could only sleep in my room while intoxicated. It was late so I turned off the television and decided to sleep. As soon as I close my eyes I see the same figure but even closer than before and he says "hey" in a weird voice. I got scared and decided this was enough and asked what ever it was to stop doing that. I was scared to close my eyes so I turned the television back on and fell asleep with it on.

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