Death to us part! part 1

by Rebecca

The wind howled, and the rain fell heavy on my head while I ran. It was supposed to be the best day of my life. But it had gotten ruined by one man. Edward Mills. He took eveything I loved away from me. But most of all my husband. Lee Baker...

7 years later

..."if anyone don't want them to get married, please say now!" It's was sience for a second. Then BANG. The church door just flew open, and a long gush of wind blew in. Sounding like screaming the word no. It's just lasted for 3 second. But it gotten everyone the creeps.Soon everything went back to normal.

"Well it's done, let me intoduices you the new Mr, and Mrs Jones!" Eveyone started getting up, and cheering to the new couples. While they walked down the arial together as husband, and wife.

"Welcome home babes" While Sean pushed the door open, while having his new wife in the arms. Kelly said "I love you" Sean repied "Love you more!"

The next day came, and while Kelly was planning her's and Sean 2 week honeymoon away in Paris. She felt a long cold wind. She quickly turned round from her computer to check if any windows wereopen. But they was all shut tide. Kelly then just gave a shug, and carried on doing her tickets.

"How's your honeymoon darlin?" Kelly said, while kissing Sean.

"I love it!" Then everything went queit, then Sean, and Kelly started playing around in bed.

3 month later

The wind kept coming back once in a while, with the same howling sound. Sean just kept on telling his wife "it's just the wind, your mind just going bit wild" Then they both laughed.

But one day, while Kelly was watching TV. The sound of the wind came back. But this time it sound more like a woman voice.

Kelly stared round her small living room for a second. But could not hear nor see anything. So she quickly went back to watching 'ER'.

"Lee, Where are you!?" The wind howled once again "Who's there. Answer yourself now!" Said a scared Kelly. But eveything went quiet...

Meanwhile somewhere else.

"don't stop there! I want to know more!" Said a exzited teenager. Then Sophie said "Are you sure? It do get a lot more scarier!" Then a blond hair girl said "Scarier the story. The better it get's!" Then the exzited girl nodded agreeing with her. So Sophie went back to her story...

Days went by. The noises what Kelly held started coming more often. But she only could hear the wisper from the wind when she was aloung in the house. Eveything was back to normal when Sean or anyone was home with her...

"Don't stop there. What happened next!?" Sophie gave a quick yawn, and said "I'll tell more tomawroo. But for now let go to sleep, we have a busy day tomawroo!" then the others gave a small yawn, and slowly started nodding their head off, one by one...

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