Death in the closet

by Brett Barnett
(United States)

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper

It started one night when a boy named Marcus positively hated his closet. He was 14 years old and he hated his closet because of what he saw.

What he saw was a bloody body hanging in it swaying back and forth and he found out it was his father's body and was paralyzed about closets. Every house he lived in after that he had to get the closets removed all the time.

"Mom I'm going to stay up in my room for a long time because I'll be studying for an algebra test." "That's fine just don't study too hard and break a vein."

As he got up into his room in his new house he noticed that his closet wasn't gone in fact it was still there.

He heard a scraping in the closet and then a scream and he opened the closet. Death jumped out at him and was clawing at his face and biting. Blood dripped down Marcus's face and his mom came up to see if he was okay and then his mom screamed when she saw the blood and gore coming out of her son.

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