Death House

by Chriistian Leonardo C.
(Rhode Island)

It was a dark and scary night. It was snowing like crazy. Four loyal friends named Christian, Jae, Dante, and Wesley were stranded out in the snow.

Suddenly, Dante cried out, “Hey guys look... a house!”

“But no one has lived in the house for years!” exclaimed Christian. Christian and Jae were always getting into trouble even though they tried to avoid it. Dante and Wesley, however, were angels.

Their curiosity got the best of them so they had no choice but to go in that accursed house. Just then, Jae said, “Look I see someone.”

The girl introduced herself as Beth. Their new company was just plain rude. Unlike Christian and Jae, Beth had no remorse on the bad things she did in life. As they went up to the house Beth stopped right at the door.

“Why are we stopping?” Christian asked.

“Why you’ve never heard what happened in this place?" She asks in disbelief. Long ago, around the early 1930s this place used to be the institution for the criminally insane. No one knows what people did in there or what happened to the patients. People would go in and never come out. But one day when it was snowy and dry a fire started and the building caught on fire. Many people died but those who survived had to survive the cold.

Until one day, one of the inmates had enough, he turned to cannibalism and eventually he died of starvation. In the process of feeding there was blood all over the white but then red snow.

Legend has it that anyone who steps foot in that stupid house never comes out alive!” explains Beth.

“Does anyone survive?” asks Christian in disbelief.

“Anyone who does survive is scarred by the painful memories and then they die from…. fright!”

“Ahhh!” They all screamed.

“Wow I can’t believe you fell for that suckers!” said Beth in a mock full tone. Then they continued on their way. However, the second the five stepped foot in that house, their skin crawled.

“There is nothing to be scared of”. Then all of a sudden to prove this there she began kicking holes through the walls and challenging whatever cold have been potentially there.

“Are you crazy? Christian said. What are you doing? Do you want the ghost to kill us?” Beth replied

“How many times do I have to tell you there are no such things as Ghooosts!” Suddenly, she had been pushed down the stairs right before she said ghosts. And to make matters worse, the light bulbs exploded leaving them in total darkness. Just then, they heard a piping laughter that no human or animal could issue from its throat. It was so corrupt and demonically evil it made the mountains shake.

The four boys ran down the stairs blinded by the dark. They saw the door open and they quickly realized that Beth, who was crying in agony, had a broken leg and was crawling up the stairs. The four friends' relief turned to frantic screaming when they saw the door open with a big demonic hand grabbing her foot and dragging her out of the house.

“No!” She screamed. Just then, the demon possessed her in a demonic voice that said

“Get out!!” The boys were frozen in fear while the helpless girl flew into the air, smashed in to everything, and fell falling to the floor when the demon stopped possessing her.

“Please help me.” was the last thing she said as the demon dragged her broken body outside in the cold snow. The boys were at an angle where they couldn’t see where the demon was taking her. The only thing they could see was blood smeared on the floor and snow.

When they knew it was gone, they cowardly walked out of that old house and ran home as fast as they could never once daring to look back. As soon as they got home they told their parents what happened. While they expected them to laugh, they surprisingly took it quite surprisingly took it seriously and told them the history of the house.

A few days later, there was a search party along with the four friends. It was a grizzly sight. Beth had maggots and worms crawling from her lifeless body. She had been ripped in two and her entrails were scattered in a circle around a tree trunk and her heart lay on the soft snow. In the snow written in blood was a frightening message.

“You’re next”. They never went back to the accursed house even after the priest cleansed it. There were no more reencounters but their experience would be forever burned into their memories for as long as they lived.

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