Death awaits me...

by Raymond

You might not think this is real but I experienced this horrifying story.

It was October the 25th, almost Halloween, and I was having a sleep over with a couple of my best friends... Kelsey, Amoy, Lisa and Harley. It was about 1:00am and I said to them, let's go under the covers and tell some ghost stories (with our torches). They agreed. Then I told them a couple of urban legend stories called Bloody Mary and Candy man. They got so scared they couldn't go asleep for ages! So then I said let's stay up.

Eventually we were dozing off until we all heard a massive bang! It was so loud I was still shocked that my Mum and Dad hadn't woken up. I said let's go and see what happened, it sounded like it was coming from downstairs. They were so scared after the urban legend stories I told them, but I wasn't scared because then I didn't believe in ghosts.

I searched downstairs with my torch and blanket over me. There was nothing there. As I was coming back up the stairs I heard the same bang again but this time quieter. I quickly turned around and flashed my torch everywhere... there was nothing to be seen. I carried on walking. When I was about to turn my bedroom door knob I felt a little tap on my shoulder.

When I turned around I saw a dead lady (I think it was a female) wearing a long, black cloak and I could just about see her face. It was scratched up and it was a faint white. It looked like one of her eyes were dangling out of her eye socket. And when I looked down at her feet they were a nasty green colour and backwards! I screamed in fear and ran into my room. My friends asked me what happened. I told them about the whole thing and I told them to have a look for themselves. When they opened the door... No one was there.

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