Deadly Sin

by Charlotte
(Gold Bar WA)

One dark night Mind decided to go into the attic of her house and she was told by her parents not to go into the attic but she did anywhy she wanted to see why her parents said "Don't Go into the attic".

Little did Mind know that the reson why her parint told her not to is because they did not what her to find out her parints little secret that they chope up people. So Mind found out what her parints did and could not belive that they would do this to people and why.

After she whent into the attic that night she asked her parints about why she can't go up there and they said "Well swetty because we don't whant you to get heart ok." Mind new that if she asked her parints about the bodys that were up there but she could not tell her parints because they would now that she whent into the attic when she was told not to.

The next few moths Mind keept what she saw in the attic a secret from her parints how did not know that she whent up into the attic and to her that was a good thing because she did not know what her parints would do to her if they found out that she new there secret.

Six mouths later Mind has a new life but she still could not get what she saw that night in her parints attic and so she finly told the police what she saw when she was a kid and they went into the attic themselfs and saw what Mind saw when she was a kid and the police told her parients that what they did was agents the law and they were going to jail.

So Mind can finly sleep good at night nowing that she finly told some one aobut what she saw that day and Mind new now that she can finaly get on with her life.

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