Deadly kisses

by Celeste Greeff
(Magna UT)

The only one care Sarah had was finishing her homework. Her little sister was there because her parents had to go out of town on a job in North Carolina so Sarah and Katie were home alone. As most would expect Katie was six and terrified of the dark. Sarah finally finished her homework so it was off to bed. Katie asked Sarah to read her a book.

Sarah did not want to so she thought she’d give her little sister a scare. She picked up a book called deadly kiss and started to read. As soon as she finished, Katie was more scared then ever so Sarah stayed in her room for the night. Around 2:10am Sarah heard the phone ring. She picked it up and the creepy voice said dimly "three am". She heard breathing. She hung the phone up and five minutes later it rang. He said "deadly kiss". She hurried and hung up the phone.

At 3:00 am the window slid open. Sarah looked at Katie, grabbed her and ran down the stairs. When she got to the front door a man stood there in a long cape. She couldn’t see his face, her heart pounded heavily. He said in his creepy dim voice "Come with me or die now." She said stuttering "can I leave my little sister here? She is only six years old." He said "fine, in return for your life". Sarah agreed.

She put Katie to bed and followed the man. As soon as she stepped out the door the man tied her hands and duck taped her mouth. He threw her in the back of his black truck with tinted windows. For an hour they drove.

Finally the truck came to a stop the man opened the back of the van and threw her out, where a woman grabbed her. The next thing she new she was in a room made of pure mettle. The woman sat in the corner with a bloody knife. Sarah asked why she was there. The woman replied softly "your next ". The women walked over to Sarah. She laughed.
Sarah screamed and the woman stabbed her in the heart and kissed her on the cheek.

The next morning in the news paper Sarah Mackay was missing. Her sister was found in her room dead with red lip stick on her cheek.

Four years later, the body of Sarah Mackay was found and the man who had kidnapped her was found next to her dead cold with red lip stick on his cheek.

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