Dead Teens

by Brianna Teeire
(New Zealand)

It was a cold night while Suzie and I were heading back to my home for my slumber party. "Hey Taylor, do you hear that?" I listened for a sound only hearing the wind howling in my ears. "No, unless you're talking about the wind."

I laughed but stopped when she didn't laugh. "I'm serious, Taylor, there's sommething out there." Just then, I heard moaning. Suzie and I turned around to see five girls who were invited to my slumber party.

"Where have you guys been?" They just kept draging their feet towards Susie and I. "What's wrong, Amanda?" The black haired girl just kept dragging her feet and mumbled "Brains." "Oh no, Taylor, they're zombies!" Suzie and I started running to my house. "What happened girls?" "Five of the girls are zombies." My mom stood in shock. "Block the doors then, and cover the windows too."

We grabbed my brother's hockey sticks to use as weapons. They started banging on the door trying to get in. The door then was busted down and my now zombie friends came and broke our hockey sticks. "Now what Taylor?" The zombies then grabbed us and started eating the skin off of my arms.

"Ahhh!" I closed my eyes knowing I was going to be dead in less than a minute.

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