Dead Man Knocking

by Mir Shajee
(New York, NY - USA)

A couple was once driving up a mountain on a dark night to get to a club for a Prom they were attending. The man turned on the radio for the local news due to weather alerts as they were driving in the fog. The reporter's voice was getting cut off as he began his story on a dangerous murderer who was on the loose.

Just as the car was going through a narrow road surrounded by trees, the car stopped. Scared, the man tells his date to stay in the car as he runs into town to look for a payphone and only to come outside when he knocks on the car roof three times. 10 minutes go by and the man has not returned. Suddenly the woman hears a scrape on the roof of the car. "But that was only once" she thinks to herself. A few seconds later, she hears the wind howl and another scraping noise on the roof.

Scared, she remains hidden under the blanket in the back seat. A third scrape is heard on the roof of the car as the wind slowly dies down. The lady thinks, "Is that him? Should I come out?" The wind once again picks up and she hears a fourth and fifth scraping noise. Suddenly she hears a few police cars outside and a policeman knocks on the glass of the car three times.

Relieved, the woman steps out of the car and says "Thank goodness you guys are here, our car stopped and my date ran into town to look for a payphone." The policeman, with a sad face says, "Don't worry mam." and escorts the lady into the police car.

As the police car begins to move out, the wind picks up, and she turns her head to see her date, dead and hanging from a noose on a tree on top of the car, feet scraping on the roof.

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